I’m a Davaoeña who loves to travel around the Philippines. I have this insatiable thirst for trying new things (except on food items that look more scary than yummy) and learning new skills. I can easily mingle with new people in new places.

One survival tip I wanna share especially when travelling alone in a new place is to make friends with the drivers (taxi drivers, jeepney drivers, tricycle drivers, habal-habal drivers, etc).  I feel that if you genuinely show them that they matter, they will make sure to take good care of you and will not rip you off whether you’re a foreign or local tourist. I still believe in the good side of people. Works for me all the time! 🙂

Let’s explore the Philippines!


Disclaimer: This blog would sometimes feature sponsored posts, links, and advertisements. All contents are mine, guaranteed plagiarism-free. Should there be pieces of information or materials gathered from other sources, credits are duly given. Generally, this is how I see the world through the looking glass.

Contact me at onlinewriter75@yahoo.com.ph for writing projects, link building, and what-have-yous.



I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

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